Peter and the wolf April 2015

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  • Arrival Bernd and Hildur in Aruba
  • Peter and the wolf
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Peter and the wolfIMG-20150426-WA0010IMG-20150426-WA0009IMG-20150426-WA0011IMG-20150503-WA0003IMG-20150503-WA0005IMG-20150503-WA0004Arrival Bernd and Hildur in Aruba
Arrival Bernd and Hildur in Aruba April 9th 2015

13 – 18 April 2015

Fundacion Muchila Creativo in collaboration with Cede Aruba and UNOCA presented “Peter and the wolf” directed by Bernd Ogrodnik from Iceland


Muchila Creativo in collaboration with Cede Aruba and UNOCA presented the International Puppeteer, Bernd Ogrodnik, during the month of April 2015 for the second consecutive year. There were school presentations and public presentations, and also workshops for educators.

Bernd Ogrodnik hails from Iceland and has a company specializing in the art of marionettes (string puppets), masks, and other arte-facts, especially for film and theater. Mr Ogrodnik has won an international award for innovation in films with puppets called “Strings.” He is internationally known and he travels around the world to promote his work.

It was a real honor for Aruba to host such a re-known Master Puppeteer. Muchila Creativo presented some events from Monday 13th of April till Saturday 18th of April.

From Monday 13th to Friday 17th, there were five presentations for elementary schools. The students could witness how magical Ogrodnik’s art is.

There was also a workshop on April 13th, at Cas di Cultura.

On Friday, April 17th,  there was a Public performance at Cas di Cultura. Thanks to Cede Aruba and UNOCA who financed this project, all children of Aruba were able to witness the Art of Puppetry on a very innovative and high quality level.

On Saturday 18th of April, Muchila Creativo culminated the week with a parade and brass band from Plaza Daniel Leo till Plaza Habibe, where a Public performance took place.


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